8 Reasons you SHOULD use a Broker

  • You get a better Deal

All our advisers are independent and not tied to one bank or insurance company. This often means we can get you a better deal, which can include a discounted interest rate and cash back rewards, lower premiums and better cover. It’s our job to negotiate with the banks and insurance companies to make sure you are getting every possible advantage available.

  • We give you Good Advice

If you want some Good Advice (for free), we’ve got it. Whether you are trying to get into your first home, looking for the right type of insurance or to do some future planning around investment property or business growth– our team is here to help. This is our passion and we would love to share it with you!

  • You get MORE choice

We have many options available to you for Finance and Insurance. This means we are able to find the BEST provider specific your situation and needs. This comes in especially handy if you are trying to do something outside of the box.

  • Less Stress for You

When we say less stress, we don’t mean no stress…. the purchase of a new home, asset or insurance is a big financial decision, so there will always be an element of stress involved. BUT we will work hard to reduce the stress and workload for you.

  • We are LOYAL to You

We don’t work for Banks or Insurance Companies… We WORK for you! This means while we are looking at different providers and what they can offer, our recommendations are based upon what is BEST FOR YOU. When we say we are LOYAL to you, this is because we have 100% of your best interest at heart!

  • We will be your Wingman

We will be with you every step of the way, helping you to reach your goals. Whether it’s a warm handshake to meet some new business associates or sweet talking the banks until they give you what want.

  • Turn that NO into a YES

Sometimes your plans don’t go to plan. You may have applied for a home loan and been given an approval that was for a lesser amount or been declined. This can often be solved with an ‘outside the box’ solution which can help you achieve some of those BIG financial goals. Our main goal is to see you succeed and we will help you find a way!

  • It’s a FREE Service

Our service is generally free (9.5 times out of 10) unless it’s for something complex or tricky, and if that’s the case we will always be open and upfront with you from the beginning so there are no surprises.

Nicola Campbell

Nicola Campbell

The most important element for Nicola as an Adviser is knowing she can provide clients all the information and options they need to ensure their family and financial well being is protected.
Nicola Campbell

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