Head of Social Media & Marketing

Mandy Smiler

  • With lofty goals to re-educate Kiwis about the misconceptions that flood the finance & insurance industry in New Zealand, our new head of Marketing & Social Media is a woman on a mission!
  • Five years ago, Mandy took her shiny new law degree from the University of Waikato and teamed up with New Zealand corporate writer-trainer Shelly Davies, building a brand that packs a punch via plain language.  Learning the value of clarity, years of jargon were kicked to the curb, and a love for clear documents, policies, and contracts was born
  • Mandy’s knack for seeing the big picture holds even more value in her love for processes and systems, growing her passion for customer management systems that feel human, and are built on the principles of integrity and transparency, a perfect fit for the Quantum team
  • So after a few months of hiring Mandy through her company Ninja-Savvy Socials Ltd, we’ve kidnapped her long-term
  • A mum of 4, social media ninja, sport-freak, family-history junkie, (and “in her spare-time” basketball team manager 12 years running) she’s excited to begin having real, conversations. To start smashing misconceptions, and to help build greater financial literacy one student, family, school, business, organisation, iwi, and community at a time!