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At Quantum our aim is to ensure our clients are protected and understand the benefit of having insurance. Being on the frontline we have seen clients with and without insurance and when it hits the fan, every single time we are reminded of the importance of what we do.

The fact of life is that we just like you, never know what’s around the corner, good or bad however we ask the question if something were to happen to you is your family covered? Can the mortgage be repaid and can you survive? Insurance is simply about understanding the risks that you are exposed to and putting a plan in place to ensure that you have the appropriate level of cover to protect yourself and your loved ones in the unforeseen event something happens to you.

Like you we pay insurance premiums as well and we get it. We are here to make sure our clients receive the best advice in order to make the best decisions and receive the best service whenever you need us.

We're passionate about helping people

Experience the Quantum difference

At Quantum, our professional approach to your career path ensures that every adviser that joins our family, gets the ongoing support they need to succeed.

Let’s be real – working as an Insurance or Mortgage Adviser can be difficult at times, and based on our experience, we can tell you it’s often due to a lack of support and inadequate sales management.  We won’t leave you alone to see if you sink or swim.  We’d much rather be by your side watching you fly!

Our advisers don’t get rushed through compliance, or pacified with back-end office support.  Our advisers get access to top-level management and mentors in-house, who have the skillsets, the experience, and the expertise to help you be your best you.

And to make sure you understand your value, we’ll show our appreciation by topping up your diary weekly so you can put your efforts where they’re most needed, sitting with kiwi families and giving them peace and security.

With everyone on the same commission splits, and an earning potential created by our in-house marketing team, the opportunities for success with us are endless.

Quantum Finance

3 simple plans

Graduate Programme

You can go from zero to hero during your 6-month Internship. Gain your Level 5 certification and become fully registered and accredited.

Independent Contractors

Sick of promises and pitches that never pan-out? Join a team of Contractors that are valued and supported at every stage of their journey.

Quantum Adviser Services

Looking for a new and innovative way to do the greatest amount of good, for the greatest amount of Kiwis? QAS is something special!

Insurance Adviser Graduate Programme

Looking for a game-changing headstart?

Our 6-month internship will support you through your Level 5 certification, and continue on until you’re fully registered and accredited.  During this time you’ll also learn skills and build a solid foundation of basic insurance industry knowledge as we support your training both in-house and via our outsourced specialist trainers.

Starting from the beginning gives you a serious skill-set that many often lack in this industry.  Combine this advantage with your tenacity, hunger for growth, and an out-going personality and you will fly.

For a select few there is also an opportunity to be “underpinned” for the duration of your internship, giving you certainty of income while you get to grips with your new role and your studies.

On completion of your 6-month term, you’ll graduate as an Independent Contractor.

You'll gain experience in:

Independent Contractor

This is where the training wheels come off!  You’ll be running your own company, with your own sub-agencies and really getting into the swing of things.

If you’ve been around the NZ insurance block, you’ve probably heard all the promises and listened to all the pitches before!  We’re hoping, that like us, you find it tacky to base success on the number of appointments booked or $$ issued in a week.

At Quantum we do things differently.  We’ll provide you with solid leads and book those appointments into your diary so you can rely on at least 5 new appointments a week.  You’ll have access to our fully compliant admin systems, and we’ll assist you with your underwriting and the renewal process as well.

Our Independent Contractors are all on the same commission splits.  There’s no favouritism here, just a clear focus on what is correct and best for our clients (eliminating desperation-selling altogether).

We’ll support your sales efforts with clear training scripts and proven processes from in-house mentors who’ll remain at your disposal throughout your time with Quantum.

Ready for a confidential chat about your future?

Quantum Adviser Services (QAS)

QAS is something we’re very excited to share with you!

With the new regime for advisers now in full swing, we’ve realised there’s a unique opportunity for Quantum to step-up and offer assistance to current advisers New Zealand-wide, by way of a JV.

Quantum is growing at a rapid pace.  But so are the needs of everyday kiwis.  Because we want to help everyone that reaches out to us, we’ve come up with a new and innovative way for us to work with you.  Together we’ll be able to do a greater amount of good, for a greater amount of families.

If you’re currently running your own business and have your own FAP, we’d like to offer you a unique opportunity to consistently have Quantum top-up your diary weekly.  

So if you’re looking for more security, growth, and a fantastic network of industry experts, who are looking to educate and inspire kiwis across the country, let’s have a confidential chat soon!

Insurance adviser intern

Quantum Finance

Join the team

Go from zero to hero during your 6-month Internship with the Quantum Insurance Adviser Graduate Programme. Gain your Level 5 certification and become fully registered and accredited.

independent contractor

Sick of promises and pitches that never pan-out? Join a team that’s not afraid to show their Independent Insurance Contractors just how much they’re valued, by supporting them every step of the way.

QAS Team member

Looking for a new and innovative way to do the greatest amount of good, for the greatest amount of Kiwis? QAS is something special! Find out today if it’s your next smart move.