Business Risk Insurance

Protect your business with the right insurance

Whether you’re starting out on your own or in the middle of pushing growth, business is often as stressful as it is lucrative. You simply can’t account for everything that might go wrong–but you can at least get coverage to minimise your loss when things go south. 

Business Risk Insurance

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Let’s talk about getting you and your business covered today. Call us at 0800 BROKER
Let’s talk about getting you and your business covered today.
Call us at 0800 BROKER

“Four years ago I started with Dan, needing finance for a truck. Long story short, I now have EVERYTHING under the sun using Quantum. I can't recommend them highly enough.”

Bridget Walsh

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And that's why we understand you. We've been where you are now. All of us. Our team and their families have walked our talk. We're home buyers. We're mortgage holders. We're investers. And that's why you are our main priority. Not the banks or the insurers. You.

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We get it! Money can be scary. But here's the simple truth - you don't know what you don't know. We'll take the time to share our expert knowledge simply, so you know what's going on every step of the way. We'll get you the best deals to match your goals and dreams.

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Trust us. We keep our word. And we do that by seeing your financial plan through to your ultimate benefit. We'll organise what needs to be done so you'll get what you need when you need it and we'll stay a phonecall or email away, always.

So why do I need an insurance adviser?

Insurers are a dime a dozen these days with many offering different coverages and terms for a wide range of needs. Some are cheap, some are costly; some are good, some are bad. How do you choose? What matters most, in our opinion, is the claim time—how fast can you get what is due you when you need it. After all, what’s the point of attractive terms if you can’t get the money you or your loved ones might need.

Quantum Finance will help you find the best fit for your specific needs and requirements. Invest in the insurance that will take care of you in the ways you need it to.

Protect your business

Businesses are most often the culmination of your dreams of financial freedom and success. They’re precious and vulnerable to many different risks and threats. Getting the right coverage is all about identifying what could affect you the most and getting insurance for these things. Our expert team will help you understand what your business needs in terms of insurance and what is fit to your budget so you get peace of mind at an affordable rate.

Looking to better understand your risks?

We can help with that. Our FREE industry-specific, LMI Risk Assessment Report will help you get some clarity around your specific risk needs.  

Material Damage

Invest in insurance for your business and commercial property assets. Coverage protects your buildings, plant and stock from accidental damage as well as theft and machinery breakdown. Cover in case of Natural Disasters is also included

Business Interruption

Often a physical loss to your building, plant or stock can have a huge impact on the financial side of your business. Protect the financial stability of your business after a material damage loss by making sure you can continue your financial growth with minimal disruption.

Liability Cover

We can create fit-for-purpose comprehensive Liability Policies for any business, large or small. Covering the costs of defending claims that may rise against you or your business resulting from injuries or damage to other businesses, people or property is essential today. This kind of cover can provide for things like: Defective workmanship, covering costs from prosecution under Statutory Laws and even employment disputes.

Cyber Liability

Did you know that New Zealand is the second highest ranked country for cyber-crime? With the implementation of technology in business today, it’s vital to have protection that covers the risk of cyber fraud and loss of private customer data. Unfortunately, anti-virus software and backing-up your info to the cloud daily does not remove the risk of a cyber-breach. Talk to us about making sure you really do have the level of protection you need.

Professional Indemnity

We find that many businesses believe that their General Liability Policy will cover the business advice given. This is only correct if the advice or design work does not directly relate to remuneration for your services. If you are invoicing your time to consult, design or to provide advice in anyway, Professional Indemnity Cover will be your starting point. This specific cover is designed to cover you for any defective design, advice, errors or omissions in your day-to-day trading activities.

Commercial Motor

Commercial motor insurance is to insure just that – Commercial Motor Vehicles. Whether it’s a fleet of vehicles, a mobile plant or a couple of delivery trucks, we can make sure you have the correct cover in place to minimise your business interruption. Have you thought about including Loss Of Use Cover (LINK) to ensure that you can continue the course of business, while you’re rebuilding or replacing your damaged vehicle?

Transit of Goods

Whether it be by air, sea, rail or road, the transit of imported or local goods that you supply or sell to other businesses needs to be covered properly. The accidental loss of your product due to accidents at the ports, on the water, or from one of your delivery drivers causing an accident, will cause expensive delays that affect your customer service record. We can help you protect one of your most valuable assets, your reputation. Ask us how today.

Start-up Income Protection

The first three years of starting your own business can be filled with sacrifice and a lot of stress. This type of insurance is there to cover you when you’re sick or injured and can’t work on your business. It’s perfect peace of mind that takes the weight off worrying about your finances when you can’t grow your business. You essentially get a monthly payout to help lighten the burden so you can heal up and get back in the game.

Key Person Insurance

All businesses have key people who play pivotal roles towards profitability. When something happens to these key people, the losses can be drastic and finding a replacement difficult. This coverage ensures that your business is protected and can continue growing unhindered should anything at all happen to the key people you depend upon. It’s true, specific peace of mind coverage that every business should invest in.

Business Life Coverage

One of the biggest contributors of stress in running a business is uncertainty. There are just so many things that can happen that leave you without the capital that you need—like major financial crises and even a global pandemic. With Business Life coverage, you can rely on at least a certain amount of capital through uncertain times. It can protect even you shareholders and their families and business through the most serious events and incidents.

Protect your Commercial Property investment

Fires can be very devastating to properties. In a matter of moments, everything could just go up in smoke. Avoid the heartbreak and financial burden of potential losses with the right protection plan for your commercial property investment. We help connect you to insurers who will help you account for not just fire, but many more other disasters that are real risks out there. These can then provide the best terms to help you through should anything untoward happen.

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