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Rody Immink

Rody has over 15 years of experience in the Insurance Industry and insurance has been in her blood before her birth with her father being the founder of Ted Ruys & Co in 1984 and his 50 year tenure. Previously Rody has worked as Broker Support and also as an Earthquake Claims Manager for the […]

Jane West

Jane has been involved in the Insurance Industry for the last five years since Andrew West (Director of Quantum Fire and General) started his own Brokerage Business. Jane is Andrew’s personal assistant and Administrator. Prior to this Jane has been involved in several sales and administration roles in Hamilton and has been a primary school […]

Ryan Mulder

As head of Domestic Insurances as well as being a Commercial insurance adviser, Ryan puts his knowledge, as well as his amazing contact base in the industry, to make sure that every client is getting the best advice and service possible. Ryan believes that providing clients with the ‘knowledge’ of how their insurances actually work, […]

Tim Pearson

If you’re looking for financial solutions from outside the box, then Tim is the man for you! When it comes to finance, integrity matters.  Authenticity matters.  Being human matters.  Having dyslexia, doesn’t.  And if you like Tim, put yourself in a box because “society” said “you couldn’t”, then we think it’s time you had a […]

Carl Whittred

Carl is all about helping you reach your dreams. It’s simple, really: good people like working with good people and people they can trust.  So if you’re ready for some real talk about life, balance, security and what-if’s, then make some time to catch-up with Carl because this guy is passionate about helping people bring […]

JJ Naidu

Originally from Malaysia, my family and I migrated to NZ in 1985. We moved to Hamilton Waikato in 1990 and have been here ever since. I started my career in finance and banking in 1985 and have held a number of successful roles from Priority Relationship Manager to Project Manager to Branch Manager and over […]