Financial Adviser - GM Risk Insurance

Allan Gillbanks

  • South African by birth, Allan moved to NZ some 10 years ago with his wife Michelle and their young family

  • With over 20 years (& counting) of experience and education within the investment and Life Insurance industry, Allan’s worked hard to build a reputation and work-ethic founded on integrity, and a hunger for knowledge.

  • With degrees in Business, Management & Marketing, and Financial Planning, have been valuable stepping stones to the many and varied industry roles he’s held – Financial Planner, Managing Partner, Regional & National Sales Manager, Adviser Development Manager, Founder of Medifund Ltd,Owner/Director of AMOR Insurance Solutions, and Sales Coach & Mentor at Virtual Sales Management

  • Joining the Quantum team as GM of Risk in 2021 was a life-changing move that allowed Allan to continue to improve the industry he loves.  Explaining, “Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. When the shit hits the fan, no-one wants to be phoning 5 million different financial advisers or insurance companies to sort out their needs. They just want to be able to make one call, say help, and have all that stress and chaos handled by their personal team of experts. Thats what drew me to Quantum. A better way. A better way to serve all of a customer’s needs, in-house. Immediately. Expertly. Every time“.

  • Now a partner at Quantum, Allan’s enjoying continuing in his role as GM of Risk, and leading from the front as Manager of Adviser Development and Sales Coaching, building the next generation of client-focused, industry-leading advisers