Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist (AUCKLAND)

André Mulder


  • Married with two grown children, Auckland-based André immigrated to the Bay of Plenty NZ from The Netherlands with his family at age 14, making the big move to Auckland a few years later
  • When it comes to client care, your financial stability is André’s priority.  With a legacy of sustained client relationships, his attention to detail and empathic listening skills continue to prove he’s an adviser you can confide and trust in
  • Referring to himself as a “information sponge”, his naturally inquisitive nature has dictated his life-long love of learning
  • From a young age he drove his mother crazy pulling her appliances to pieces and making them re-appear fully intact That need to uncover the hows and whys (and his little addiction to reading technical manuals), is what makes him a fantastic addition to the Quantum Life and Personal Risk team
  • By allowing André to do the legwork for you, weighing and balancing the pros and cons of each provider, so you get the right protection for your world, just became that much easier
  • With over 20 years of experience in sales, relationship management, start-ups, finance, and insurance, this motorcycling-loving, musician and golf hack, will instantly have you feeling like you’ve known him a lifetime, and better still, that you can trust him with the rest of yours.
  • TOP FINANCIAL TIP:  “Secure your financial future as early as you can, through savings and protection, because you never know what’s around the corner of your life”
  • BEST FINANCIAL ADVICE RECEIVED:  “My father taught me about ‘compound interest’, and how a small amount of savings can build a huge pile over time.  Pity it took me a long time to believe him!”