Chief Operating Officer-BOP Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist

Andrei Naidoo

  • Andrei is excited to join the newly established Quantum-BOP as Chief Operating Officer, saying “There is no other offering like this in the region”.  The Quantum Group offers a full suite of free financial wellbeing services and solutions for families, professionals, and small businesses alike.
  • With over a decade in the finance and insurance industry, Andrei understands that protecting your lifestyle is just as important as living it.  And that the freedom to live your life without limitations comes from the plans we each put in place to build our financial security.
  • Level 5 certified in Financial Services, Andrei was awarded The Trusted Adviser mark by Financial Advice New Zealand, given to advisers that demonstrate their commitment to continuing their professional development obligations at the highest level.
  • Based in the beautiful Papamoa, Andrei & his family are fiercely loyal and proud of their community.  That’s why they’re especially invested in making sure every small business gets the best advice for their current circumstances.  His experience in taxation, ACC and KiwiSaver, will make him an invaluable resource to your world.
  • So, if you’re wondering what your next financial move should be, or if you’re wondering how to better protect your loved ones, we’d suggest a coffee with Andrei is the perfect place to start the next stage of your financial wellbeing journey.