Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist (TARANAKI)

Anita Jensen van Rensburg

  • Born and raised in Free State, South Africa and moving to New Zealand with her husband and two teenage children in January 2016, New Plymouth based Anita joined the Quantum team in 2021 to service the beautiful Taranaki region
  • With over 20 years of experience in customer service and sales, Anita has earned her reputation for accuracy, exceptional customer care, and for a punctuality and work ethic that means you’re never left wondering what’s going on
  • Trust is the bottom line for Anita.  “I personally take ownership in giving all my clients the best advice by making their buck worth spending”.  In 2017 during a short stint in Home Help & Personal Care, Anita saw the reality of living with real, long term health issues.  Fast forward to 2022 and an already broken health system is now overrun with COVID issues, and the backlog of people needing care and tests leaves a trail of unnecessary heartache and early loss
  • And therein lies Anita’s why.  She gets up every day on a mission to help kiwi families look after themselves and their loved ones during their hardest times.  Because the more prepared each of us can be, the more able we are to weather the storms of life
  • Maybe getting into that specialist your cover allowed for, buys you 6 more months, giving your family time to return home to say goodbye
  • Maybe that life insurance payout means your widowed daughter and her young family receive the security of their own home
  • And maybe after working for 30 years, and paying your taxes, you deserve so much more than a roll-of-the-dice appointment slot in a public health system
  • Anita stresses, “Don’t believe everything you’re told.  Insurance cover does not have to be expensive when its set up correctly, and meets your actual needs.  Let’s talk through your situation, your budget, and your priorities.  Together, we can make it work.”
  • Anita gets hard.  She gets commitment and sacrifice.  And she understands strategy and long term goals.  Even her time spent outside of work tells us so.  Cycling at least 5x a week, and racing in-season is a passion that benefits her clients in a unique and valued way.  She gets the grind.  The moments where things may seem impossible.  And she knows that resilience brings results
  • So if you’re ready to push through those hard and often uncomfortable discussions on life, health, and your real financial situation, and you’re ready to take a journey with someone who understands, and who can help you better plan for life’s what-ifs and maybes, then make some time to talk with Anita