Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist

Daniel Standing

  • With 9 years of Banking and 13 years of Insurance industry experience, new Quantum team member Daniel.S brings years of experience, extremely high levels of integrity and a love of people to the party!
  • Daniel readily admits that in the financial industry, reputation is everything.  And he’s worked long and hard to maintain his.  
  • Long ago he learnt that finance without the waffle, made finance fun. 
  • Why did Daniel say yes to joining Quantum?   It was the value we place on humanity.  On people.  And that’s why we wanted him too.  Because quite simply, he cares.  He cares about you and yours, and how your future looks, with and without insurance
  • Looking for a sounding board or a safe place to ask all the hard questions, reach out the Daniel.  You’ll be pleased you did!


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