Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist

Gagan Kaur

  • New to the Quantum family in 2022 is the incredibly friendly, patient, and cheerful Gagan Kaur.  Born in India, Gagan moved to New Zealand in 2007, settling here in Hamilton, where she and her husband continue to live.  Fluent in English, Hindi, and Panjabi, and with a Bachelor of Teaching under her belt, she’s joined Quantum to “flourish and deliver results for my clients” 
  • Gagan’s 9 years of industry experience in customer service and communication with two of NZ’s largest companies – Westpac Bank and ACC saw her winning awards along the way, as she helped people resolve errors and conflict with patience, calmness and confidence.  Believing that anything is possible with a great plan and the right people to help you get the job done, Gagan always rises to the challenge and produces results
  • With a reputation for problem solving, and for successful mediation outcomes between customers and providers, Gagan will be a valuable resource to you, in finding that right balance of cover for your family, and as she advocates for you at claim time
  • NZ businesses looking to better manage their ACC obligations and their actual Risk Insurance needs won’t regret spending some quality time with Gagan either!  She wants every NZ business to understand exactly what is and is not covered in their policies.  And her years of experience at ACC as a Treatment & Support Assessor, and with the Privacy Team, make her keenly aware of any potential process improvements, or pitfalls,  that she can help you better manage,  with risk product solutions that meet your industry and business cover needs
  • In her spare time, you’ll find Gagan exploring nature, books, beaches and immersing herself in her art.  Her love of beauty is something she’s nurtured from her childhood and heritage, so when she’s not helping protect you from life’s hard-knocks, Gagan can also prepare you for life’s celebrations as a luxury beauty concierge via Pink Lotus Artistry,  where she provides  Bridal Makeup & Hair services
  • Growing up Gagan often wished someone had explained failure.  So she’s been on a mission ever since to understand it herself, leading her to her belief that “anything we put our mind to we can do, failure is a gift, financial balance is a choice”.
  • So if you’re looking to learn from those mistakes, make better choices, and to find your financial balance in 2022, then we have the perfect financial adviser for you.World, meet Gagan!