Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist (BOP)

Lee Campbell

  • If you’re looking to make big changes to your financial stability in 2022, then your next move is a catch-up with our new Risk Insurance Specialist Lee, part of the newly established Quantum Finance BOP

  • Born and raised in West Auckland, 42 year old Lee has spent the last 11 years serving as a police officer. His love of learning new things, combined with his years of service have armed him with the ability to instantly connect, without judgement, which allows you to have those often hard and uncomfortable conversations about life, loss, illness, and struggle

  • Buying his first home at 20 (with Quantum), Lee has been married for 19 years to teacher-aide Kirsty. Calling the beautiful Papamoa home for the past 6 years, together they’re busy doing what they love, raising 3 children (22, 18, 15), and hanging out with friends and family, who describe Lee as both hard-working, and a bit of a clown. Often found on the golf course, playing softball, in the gym, or fishing, Lee can make a meeting happen anywhere!

  • So why the sudden, big career change to financial adviser? Maybe it’s not really so sudden. Maybe things were always heading this way. To a career where real change, for real families who have done it hard for generations, can get the advice they need to make better choices by simply adjusting their mindset.

  • Lee’s here to get you excited again. To help rebuild your hope in the what-ifs and maybes, and to re-open the door to possibility.