Financial Adviser - Mortgage Specialist

Lorraine Ludwig

  • Lorraine gets it. She understands that Kiwi’s are a little bit weird about finances. We generally don’t go around telling people how much we earn, how much we spend (and where!! #shoefreak) and how on earth we’re actually going to come up with that home deposit.
  • She considers it a privilege to have every client come in cold turkey and start disclosing their inner most secrets. Confidentiality and privacy are paramount for her.  For over 17 years she’s learnt the value of trust, empathy and support when it comes to making life changing decisions. And with her 12 year Banking background, she knows exactly when to push back and fight for your cause.
  • Lorraine’s a nurturer. With her, everything is about relationships. You’ll quickly learn, she’s all in. From her laugh to her experience, diligence, enthusiasm and her commitment to support your efforts to make your dreams come true.


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