Financial Adviser – Mortgage Specialist

Nicki Smith

  • Born n bred in the Waikato, young Nicki dreamed of being a Solid Gold Dancer
  • Those earlier dreams of taking over the world as a Solid Gold Dancer may have been kicked to the curb but the traits needed to kill-it on the stage still remain. 
  • Solid Gold Dancer’s were chosen based on attitude. (Who knew, right?!) Bad attitudes didn’t fly! How a dancer entered a room and treated people determined whether their audition went ahead. Then it was skill and capacity to pick things up fast.
  • With her extensive banking background, holding roles as a Commercial Manager, Business Manager and most recently Mobile Mortgage Manager, Nicki understands that clients need someone with an attitude that breaks down walls and finds solutions. 
  • Clients want someone who makes them feel welcome and heard when they enter the room. Someone who quickly chases the lenders, who skillfully manages expectations and clearly communicates with every (dance) step of the way!
  • No smoke. No mirrors. No glitter balls. Just less stress and over-thinking for you. And her extensive knowledge around property construction, you really do want this remarkable woman at your side
  • Outside of work, her family and friends are incredibly important to her.  With a son at high school and a busy husband with his own arboriculture business, things are busy.  But busy people get things done, right?!