Financial Adviser – Risk Insurance Specialist

Nicki Smith

  • Born and bred in the Waikato, young Nicki dreamed of being a Solid Gold Dancer
  • Those earlier dreams may have been kicked to the curb but the traits needed to smash it on the stage still remain.  Solid Gold Dancers’ were chosen based on attitude. (Who knew, right?!) Bad attitudes didn’t fly! How a dancer entered a room and treated people determined whether their audition went ahead. Then it was skill and capacity to pick things up fast.
  • With her extensive banking background, holding roles as a Commercial Manager, Business Manager and as a Mobile Mortgage Manager, Nicki became a well sort-after and respected Mortgage Adviser here at Quantum
  • Her reputation as someone who broke down walls and found solutions was a direct result of her 22 years of experience and customer service skills
  • In 2021, Nicki was managing a life-changing health scare that had her looking for a greater work-life balance, and seeking a new and exciting opportunity to stretch her valuable brain.
  • Utilising that personal journey, resulted in Nicki joining our Risk Insurance team, and she hasn’t looked back
  • Drawn to the simplicity of the processes and the building of personal connections she can nurture with providers and clients, Nicki is making sure NZ families have the correct cover in place to remove the financial pressure that always comes when those hard times hit
  • Her current mission is to promote greater understanding around the incredible value of trauma cover, and income protection.  These covers give you options.  To modify your home after a stroke or heart attack, without going into debt.  To provide you with a steady income so you can fully rest and recover, physically and mentally.  To make sure you don’t lose your home at the worst of times
  • Nicki sees her role as a stress remover.  An advocator.  A protector
  • There may be no smoke, no mirrors, and no glitter balls. But there will be less stress and over-thinking, and real, affordable protection that kicks in when you and your loved ones need it the most