Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist

Niko Nicholson

  • At first glance you’d be right to be a bit skeptical about the abilities of a Financial Adviser in their early 20s with ZERO sales experience.  But this boy-wonder has spent 23 years smashing records, breaking glass ceilings, and becoming a human you’ll value spending time with.
  • Born in Hamilton by parents that threw in the city life when he was a little kid, Niko was raised on a farm between Gordonton and Taupiri.
  • Growing up boxing was a passion. And for over 9 years, Niko achieved the most renowned titles in NZ, as he learnt how to push himself mentally and physically. Through boxing Niko developed some of the skills we kiwis value most – commitment, discipline, and patience.
  • His ability to push limits, combined with a strong work-ethic have also driven his educational journey. After spending one day a week for two years at the Wintec Trades Academy pursuing a career in engineering, Niko left school a year early.  The results speak for themselves.  Promoted to workshop manager at 19, fully qualified by 20, then more studying, resulting in a Level 4 National Certificate in Business-First Line Management.
  • Since 2017, Niko’s been the Head Engineer at Auto Leisure & Marine, executing new builds from start to finish, responsible for organizing, delegating, deadlines, and oversight.
  • So why the career change?  You can take the boy-outta-boxing, but you can’t take boxing-outta-the-boy.  That drive, and pursuit of new challenges bought Niko to Quantum.  And when it comes to conversations about life and health insurance, it helps to have someone who can help you push yourself to find solutions and to build your financial security.
  • Niko explains – “That kiwi kick-back ‘she’ll be right’ attitude, combined with an understaffed and over-loaded public health system, plus rising living costs, create the perfect storm for more and more people to find themselves in serious financial hardship when things go wrong. 1 in 3 kiwis are diagnosed with cancer and I’ve seen the worst of it.  Not seeing specialists in time, and having to wait for surgeries, results in families paying the ultimate cost. Our health system is doing the best it can, but the question we all should ask ourselves is – Do we want to be at the front of that line or the back?  I want to help people remove the worry, the stress and the resulting financial burdens that come when ‘life’ happens”
  • Still under 25, with years of experience worthy of someone much older, Niko’s exactly who we should all be having real conversations with about our plans for protecting our life and health.