Refixing (Fixed Rate Reviews) Specialist

Tegan Rayner

  • Born in Auckland, and moving to Cambridge in year 8, Tegan moved to Hamilton after finishing High School, having no idea what she really wanted to do, but happy to go where the wind took her
  • It’s now almost two years since a personal introduction to our current MD Lincoln Davie, resulted in Tegan joining the Quantum family, and she continues to be a valued and respected member of our team today
  • Looking back she shares how intimidated she felt coming into the old building on Knox Street, yet she left finally understanding the difference between a job and a career path.  And she left knowing she was ready to step-up, to put her brain to work, and to excel in the role she was offered
  • And that’s exactly what she’s done.  Every task she’s given is done with exactness, accuracy, and speed.  Her hunger for knowledge feeds her constant desire to improve.  I
  • n the past year, those efforts were rewarded seeing Tegan take over the management of both the Quantum Finance and iRefixNZ’s free Refixing (Fixed Rate Review) service
  • Respectful and kind, her natural ability for building connections throughout the banking world enables her to advocate and assist anyone struggling to navigate the constant changes in the home loan sector
  • So when it comes to refixing, Tegan is all business.
  • Her mission is to be the solution to your refixing headaches.  Helping you makes her happy.  She enjoys the challenge of finding you better rate options, of making your life that little bit easier so you don’t need to waste time shopping around, or wondering if you’re being played by your banks automated offer.  Tegan makes sure you get unbiased, up-to-date, qualified advice so you can instantly make the best decision.
  • Outside of Quantum hours, you won’t find Tegan wasting time either.  She enjoys making fun memories, travelling, the beach and her gym time.
  • This year Tegan’s getting real about her finances by tracking where she’s wasting her money, and identifying how much she’s spending on things that won’t help her achieve her own homeownership goal.
  • Yes, you read that right.  Tegan still believes she can own a home, because hard, doesn’t mean impossible.  And she believes that, because two years ago someone showed her there was a pathway to success.  A pathway she never knew was there.  She explains, “That’s the adviser advantage.  They see pathways others can’t.  They can open your eyes to possibilities, and opportunities so new pathways to financial success will open for you.”
  • Now you know what we know.  This young woman knows her stuff.  So make sure she’s taking care of yours!