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Get the vehicles, machinery and equipment you need to help your business grow

Asset Finance is a great lending solution for businesses.  We’ll keep you moving and make sure your cash flow continues, without committing to over-drafts or mortgage-backed bank loans. You’ll stay stress-free by spreading the costs of your new or used asset purchases with lending solutions that meet your business needs. 


Asset finance tailored to your needs

If you need funding to purchase assets and equipment, we can help. Call 0800 BROKER today.

“Huge thank you to Darren Fitness for his great work under a very short deadline. He really made it happen. A pleasure to talk to and he really cared about what I wanted to achieve. Most grateful.”

Donna Rasmussen - Google - 16 Sept 2021

“Tim was a great help in organising finance for a new work vehicle. He was proactive and communicated well at each step. Well worth working with him. Thanks Tim.”

Jonathan McMillan - Google - 7 Dec 2021

Quantum Finance

Why Quantum Finance?

We are you

And that's why we understand you. We've been where you are now. All of us. Our team and their families have walked our talk. We're home buyers. We're mortgage holders. We're investers. And that's why you are our main priority. Not the banks or the insurers. You.

We hear you

We get it! Money can be scary. But here's the simple truth - you don't know what you don't know. We'll take the time to share our expert knowledge simply, so you know what's going on every step of the way. We'll get you the best deals to match your goals and dreams.

We're finishers

Trust us. We keep our word. And we do that by seeing your financial plan through to your ultimate benefit. We'll organise what needs to be done so you'll get what you need when you need it and we'll stay a phonecall or email away, always.

Trucks & Trailers

No matter the type of business, we’ll make sure you and your team have the right vehicle for the job. If your business is hauling huge loads or making deliveries, we can help you finance the vehicle you need to get it all done. Maybe you’re after a brand new cab and chassis with all the extras, OR a purpose built spec truck to beef up the fleet, or a used truck for running small day-to-day deliveries. Quantum Finance is here to help make sure you get the funding you need to keep your business moving. 

Vehicle Fleets

Avoid complicated processes and delays and grow your fleet with ease.  Whether you’re after a couple of vehicles to update the fleet, or you’re after funding for the full fleet we can make sure you have everything you need to stay on the road, simply and quickly.  Our Senior Asset Finance Specialist, Darren Fitness has been helping kiwi businesses with financial solutions for over 30 years.  Together with Tim, our formidable duo will advocate for you and your business, to achieve results that will see you coming back to Quantum time and again.

Farming & agricultural equipment

From tractors to cultivators, irrigators and ploughs, there’s a lot of equipment and machinery needed to successfully run, manage, and grow a farm or other agricultural investment. Whether it’s a brand new 300HP Tractor with front linkage and PTO at the ready for power harrows, or even used ATVs or Quad bikes to rapidly traverse your property.  Together we’ll figure out exactly what you need and how you can get it.


Construction, forestry, and mining are big businesses that often begin with thorough and efficient excavation. We help finance the purchase or even leasing for those key pieces of equipment. Whatever the size, or the job requirements, Quantum Finance is here to help you get the financing you’ll need to get these big machines working for you in the quickest possible time so you can avoid complicated processes and delays.

Other industry-specific plant equipment, tools or machinery

Not sure if we can help with what you need?  Give us a quick call and we’ll be able to tell you straight away.  Don’t loose your momentum.  Get your hands on the essential tools-of-your-trade, from technology to equipment quickly, with terms that work for your world.

Get asset finance savvy

Simply and clearly, here’s what you need to know

When it comes to commercial assets and equipment, there are different loan types to choose from depending on your specific needs.
This one’s for those who are looking to make it big across a number of lucrative industries. This involves bulk purchases of impressively large and powerful assets and machinery.
If you’re looking to upscale your contractor business, this loan is for you. It takes into account where you’re at financially to perfectly plot what you need to grow and scale.
Loans for farming and agricultural equipment consider what equipment will be vital for running your business and cover a wide range of applications.

Revolving credit loans work as a large overdraft. Your regular income is paid directly into this account, and your regular bills are paid out of the account when they are due.

The lender calculates the interest on a daily basis (on the daily outstanding balance), you can pay less interest on this loan by keeping the outstanding balance as small as possible.

If you’ve ever taken out an automotive loan, this is one that’s more familiar. Of course, the difference lies in the application that hinges on your business situation.

The best way to work out your interest rate is for us to work out your financial situation as fast as we can. We have years of industry experience and can get to the guts of your finances to provide you with quick answers and the best solutions.

We have several market options which provide no-deposit or 100% finance. Let’s talk through your finances to check if this option suits your application purposes. Talk to one of our experts to find out more.

How’s now? Our team is waiting for your call.

We get it. You want things done simply, seamlessly and fast, and your equipment and assets today. Based on your requirements you may need to provide your financial accounts, an up-to-date profit and loss balance sheet, a cash-flow forecast and access to your account statements to prove your serviceability for your new loan. Let’s make it happen.