No jab, no life insurance?

Life Insurance and COVID

Have we entered the no jab, no life insurance reality?

Risk insurance is an ever-evolving industry.  We evolve and adjust as new health issues and illnesses enter the world. Whether its COVID or any other illness, providers must quickly take into account the risk they could pose and adjust their products accordingly.

Last week Kiwi company Partner’s Life lead the way when it comes to insurance companies addressing COVID, telling us that Life Insurance could be harder to get for people who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19 and have pre-existing conditions. They plan “to change the way [they] assess new customer applications, to take Covid inoculation into account”.


How could this affect you?

  • Higher fees
  • Restricted cover
  • Or even declined cover for unvaccinated people, if you’re assessed as being a higher risk of claiming prematurely


Blog - No jab, no life insurance. Meme - "Your insurance is refusing to cover our top-of-the-line machine (life support), so we have to make a switch here (So-So life support machine)"


COVID is here to stay

So as we learn to live with  it, your insurance products will change.

The #adviseradvantage means we’ll talk you through what your best options are and make sure you have the correct cover for your needs.

The smart move right now would be to lock-in your products with guaranteed wordings, so you know you have the right protection in the long run.

Not sure if you have the right cover?

Maybe you’re over-insured?

Or maybe insurance fits nicely into your too-hard basket?


Let’s sort that.

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