Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist

Aaron Carter

  • There’s nothing quite as valuable as an insurance adviser who thrives on organisation and improving processes.
  • Aaron’s values were born of honesty and integrity working in the grass-roots of the NZ building industry. Born in Canada and returning to NZ at a young age Aaron spent his early years working on building sites, renovating, and managing properties. This allowed him to develop his time-management skills, and where he learnt the value of a positive outlook when working under pressure.
  • Combining those years of experience with 20 years in both customer-focused service and sales, and in corporate solution sales and financial contract management, Aaron’s ability to quickly adapt to fast-moving situations is seamless.   His understanding of the importance of challenging and refining processes and procedures has prepared him well for an ever-changing risk insurance world.
  • Not one to shy away from a challenge, Aaron likes to not only do things well, but efficiently, with perseverance and pride.
  • In his down time Aaron has enjoyed many years of study and learning in martial arts, achieving different belts and certificates. Family time is also important to Aaron enjoying many overseas trips and adventures with his wife and daughter.
  • Aaron is a fantastic addition to the Quantum family, and he’ll be a great asset to yours when it comes to sorting your life and personal insurance too.