Financial Adviser – Risk Insurance Specialist

Nic Campbell

  • Having previously worked for ANZ as an Agri Banking Assistant Manager and a Risk Insurance Adviser, Nic has extensive knowledge and industry experience
  • When it comes to insurance, how do we quantify ‘expensive’? Is losing your home because you’re too ill to work, expensive? Leaving your family in death, with their future income uncertain?  Yes, we’d all much rather live in car-pool karaoke bliss, with intermittent bouts of fishing and pina colada’s, but it’s time to talk about hard things. Uncomfortable things. About loss, life and survival.  It’s time for you to sit down with Nic.
  • It takes bravery and courage to have those ‘what-if’ conversations. And it takes an empathetic heart to sit with you and truly listen to understand your families’ needs.  Your story is safe with Nic. Your family is safe with her
  • Nic is focused on one thing.  And that’s empowering you to make the big decisions, so you can both rest easy knowing you’re prepared no matter what


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