Financial Adviser - Mortgage Specialist

Tracy Hemingway

  • The Debt Free Diva has joined the Quantum family
  • If anyone can help take you from the brink of bankruptcy and completely turn it around, it’s Tracy!
  • South African born, but raised in NZ, at just 18 Tracy became a business owner.
  • At 24 everything changed. Learning a tumour in her throat would need surgery, lead to some huge lessons in pride, and facing-facts.  Tracy shut up shop owing $94,000 of consumer debt on 20% interest. She was on the brink of bankruptcy.
  • Tracy’s passion for finance was born of this refiner’s fire. She understands mistakes, doing hard things, and survival.  She was brave enough to face facts.  And those facts required new dreams and goals, and a solid plan.  And her integrity required her to pay back every cent she owed
  • In just 3 years, Tracy increased her income, decreased her debt, and mastered the art of budgeting, paying back every single cent + interest on that debt. $113, 375.40.
  • Then she took those lessons and applied them to her own homeownership dream
  • Tracy purchased her own home just 1 year after she became debt free!
  • And she still wasn’t done with smashing her goals. She wanted to help every kiwi understand they can achieve all their financial goals with a great plan.  She wanted to make her passion for finance legal!
  • Now as a Financial Adviser – Mortgage Specialist here at Quantum, this determined diva will drive your home ownership dreams with empathy, enthusiasm and fun, leaving a trail of glitter in her wake


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