Financial Adviser - Risk Insurance Specialist

Wayne Prigge

  • At the end of 2019, Wayne and his young family left behind everything they knew and moved to beautiful NZ from South Africa. Let’s just say, things didn’t go to plan. And home called. But so did COVID. And the world stopped.
  • Saying yes to joining the Quantum Finance family, gave the Prigge family what they needed when they really needed it. A new home. People to depend on. To trust.
  • Wayne took a risk and found his place here.
  • So if you’re looking for someone that understands that life doesn’t ever really go to plan and that some of us do it harder than others, then you’ll find a listening ear in Wayne.
  • With the benefit of hindsight, he says he would have done a few things differently. Like saying yes to Life Insurance. Early. And saying yes to doing his best to prevent and minimize the pain that comes from living life.
  • Now he works hard to give the rest of us a more secure future based on his experiences, expert advice, and Quantum’s simple processes
  • He says “Don’t make the early mistakes I made. You may believe you can’t afford it now, but really, you can’t afford not to. Protect the things that matter most to you now so you can fight the tough times together comfortably”